Wednesday, September 03, 2008

renegade cyclocross tuesdays

PLEASE join us for Renegade Cyclocross Races in Des Moines starting THIS coming Tuesday, September 9, as well as each Tuesday thereafter through the end of November. At between 5 and 5:30PM we’ll start doing warm up laps, with a 45 to 60 minute ‘race’ starting shortly after. This week, the 9th, we’ll be racing at Union Park. At the conclusion of each weeks’ race, the venue for the following week will be announced/decided. The ‘courses’ will be pretty simple, and not marked as though it’s a UCI event, so if you’re looking for something PRO, you’re gonna be upset. We’ll do your best to get some tight turns, off cambers, pavement, etc. These events will be AT YOUR OWN RISK!Please understand the word ‘race’ is used loosely. This will be a training race, bike practice, or whatever else you kids want to call it. No entry fees, no prizes, no official results. What it WILL be is a great opportunity to get some intensity in, practice barriers, run-ups and other cyclocross skills and ride against guys of varying abilities-this makes it a GREAT chance for newer riders to gain some confidence and have some fun, while the experienced guys get a good workout and pass on some knowledge. Above all, it’s a good reason to ride cross bikes with friends. Cool? Questions?


Brett said...

Most excellent, Cyclocross training as it’s meant to be. Set up a course, toss in some varied terrain, a couple of dismounts, and go drill it for around an hour. Nice to see specific training focused on an event with off the chart intensity that will get results. No hint of the mediums from silly training ride teachings by the ignorant. Group rides in the fall and winter are for chatting with friends, recovery, and enjoyment.

Godfather Marco said...

Thanks for posting Rev!

Bart - you coming over for the Cross Mafia's last supper?

Brett said...

Cross Mafia's last supper? Someone fill me in on this event please.