Monday, September 22, 2008

idiot + road rage + glock + group ride = ???

what to do when your group ride encounters an upset and armed motorist:
let me begin by stating the obvious--this is WAAAAAY fucked up.
but here's just a snippet:
We followed him, because that's the way we were planning on going. The guy was in front of the group and started brake-checking and stuff and being weird. Then he pulled over to the right side of the road at the next turn. I was in back, waiting on riders, seeing what was happening, so I rolled up to the car when he stopped. I asked him, "SIR! What is your problem?!?" He responded, "YOU'RE THE ONE WITH THE PROBLEM!" and proceeded to reach in his passenger seat, pull out a Glock handgun, and stuck it in my face!
. . . . .
to read the entire entry, click here. there's a lesson or two in there for all of us. what lessons did YOU learn from reading this?

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Matthew Pavlovich said...

that is bogus. I cannot believe that some redneck would unholster a gun on a cyclist. This is almost as scary as sarah palin becoming president.

I once had a watermelon thrown at me from a ~50 oncoming vehicle. It was hot and I was tired. I ate some of the watermelon.