Wednesday, September 17, 2008

tuesday night cyclocross rides

autopsy of a cross ride:
last night, about 20 to 25 men and women came to the sledding hill on the south side of the iowa capitol complex for 45 minutes of bike riding fun. there was a fantastic loop set out, with one nice, long run-up [jingle cross?], lots of ridge riding, tricky downhills, a nice little stone ridge jump, trees to ride in and out of, and some flats for good measure. following the ride, we all rode to el bait shop for heavy, in-depth analysis of world events. i recommend that more of you show up next tuesday at 530 at mccrea park on southwest 9th. plan to have your ass kicked. then plan to come along with us to el bait shop. i heartily recommend you try "mackesson triple stout," which bruno assures me they WILL have in stock by then.
[personal note: when i was able to look at my heart monitor, my heart was at and above 183 bpm, or 92% of max.]


Steve Fuller said...

mackeson XXX stout rocks. Glad you guys had fun last night.

Matthew Pavlovich said...

Was the 183 bpm because of the racing of the XXX?

Steve Fuller said...

XXX cyclocross would certainly get someone's heart rate up ;)