Friday, September 05, 2008

an open apology to pete basso

over the years, pete basso [and others] and i have sparred about the veracity of fox news. in the past, i would have put "-" around "news," but no longer. the national nominating conventions of the democratic and republican parties has helped shape my new opinion, and new-found respect for fox news. i have been experiencing a declining respect for cnn [the station of the white-haired god of the airwaves, cooper anderson, or something] for several months now, but the unbelievably fine work by the team at fox news has finally won me over.

i have long said that when i am wrong, i expect people to call me out on it: "show me that i'm wrong, and i will freely take my lumps. you folks deserve such a public flogging."
most recently, i've been issuing that challenge regarding mark wyatt and his continuing failure to own up to his lack of honest and open leadership of the iowa bicycle coalition, now relating to his less than honest portrayal of his role in the hardin county ordinance #43 affair.

but now, i am flailing myself, for your enjoyment:

all it took was this little piece of video:

they're better than me.
sorry, pete. you're right.
. . . . .
by the way, did you know that john mccain used to be a p.o.w? i love the humility of the republican party. just as with religion, they prefer to let their ACTIONS speak louder than their words. such a christ-like approach to politics--and life--is remarkably refreshing. i applaud this way of leading by example. they've earned my vote!
i need to watch more fox, i guess.


Mistress Julie said...

Jon Stewart is a genius. His delivery is impeccable!!!

Hope all is well in your world.


gpickle said...

Thanks Kim and, uh, Pete...

never thought I would type that

the mostly reverend said...

julie, julie, julie--
that's all i will say right here. ;-))

gpickle--it just shows to go ya that ya just never know: there might be a lesson wrapped up in that whuppin' you're about to get.
kinda like the one delivered to the boys at the biblical hand of big dan teague.