Wednesday, September 24, 2008

let sarah be sarah!!


conundrummer said...

Here's my take on this topic:

When the Repubs were raking Hillary through the coals during the primaries, she was fair game since she was a prez candidate.

When the media starts poking around an unknown female VP candidate and digs up dirt that is unfavorable, it's called sexism and they're not showing her any respect.

Sorry guys, you can't have it both ways.

the mostly reverend said...

boy, it sure is fun watching sarah palin's LATEST "interview"--this one with katie curic, in which she sounds like some cute stoner, describing watching putin flying over the alaskan skies.

oh yes, bring on joe biden.

conundrummer said...

Biden will eat her for lunch in the veep debate when she can't rely on a teleprompter and answers like "I'll check into it and get back to you" won't cut it. I just hope he doesn't lay into her so much so the Repubs don't try to play the sexist card and claim that he was picking on a woman.

My wife said Palin reminded her of that one blond beauty pageant contestant made infamous with the video of her interview segment. She rambled through most of her responses with a deer in the headlight look.

Wait until Palin conveniently gets sick right before the VP debate and tries to cancel it. You heard it here first.

the mostly reverend said...

let's just hope that putin doesn't rear his head any time soon.

where DOES it go, by the way? she sounds like such a stoner, man... and this, the day after grassley mumbles something about pink floyd: "dude, where's my tractor?"