Sunday, September 14, 2008

is the honey moon over already?

a midday anti-palin protest was held in an intersection outside a city library organized by a group of women who wanted to counter the perception that "everyone in alaska loves palin." here are examples of some of the signs that were seen: "bush in a skirt," "palin: thanks, but no thanks," "candidate to nowhere," "smearing alaska's good name one scandal at a time," and "sarah palin, undoing 150 years of american feminism." read all about it here.
and to learn more about palin's extensive world travels, read here. well, let me clarify that: to learn more about her trip to "almost iraq," read here. [hint: the girl has one HELL of an imagination.]
and finally, to learn how YOU can get a job in a palin administration, read here. [hint: make sure she's your friend on my space.]

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