Monday, September 22, 2008


must be sitting upon multi-millions;
blonde preferred, but not required
. . . . .
why, you might ask? look what it did for a certain maverick who famously formerly didn't even have a kitchen table:

[clicking will make the items in the above image larger, but clicking WON'T make them yours!]


Steve Fuller said...

I did find it interesting that Obama bought his hybrid only after getting a bunch of flack for driving a hemi powered Chrysler 300. Surely he isn't trying to look like he cares about the environment and saving gas just because of the election? :)

Matthew Pavlovich said...


I would like that chart to be amended to have a Pavlovich category. Under the Car heading would be a 2001 ford focus. Under the house category would be a 2001 ford focus.

That is all


the mostly reverend said...

where do you keep all those $250 bottles of wine--in the trunk?