Saturday, December 23, 2006

another gift to all bike riders
it's that time of year--when biker boys and girls go on long bike rides, and because it's december and they're happy to be outside, they ride at a nice and easy pace, and talk about the things that make life interesting. things that are deep and critical: family, religion or lack thereof, politics, art, theater, what is the nature of beauty, is there a Good, in the platonic sense, what-have-you.
well, here's another gift to you all.
read this, study the photos, and talk about it on your next ride.
ya just gotta love young people.
[solid advice: don't do it in front of cameras.]

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Anonymous said...

At least she brought some hot lesbionic action to the world! Blue shirt is the instigator, blondie probably has plenty of experience but only does what she wants, and Miss Nevada is playing a role. Probably a true one time only experience.