Tuesday, December 05, 2006

i went on a little gravel ride tonight with a couple teammates. nothing special; just some buddies riding bikes, eating some dust, talking some shit, dodging trucks pulling trailers, looking for the moon, trying to find new roads and new hills. you know: december bike riding in iowa. it was 40-some degrees today, and we rolled out of town with a brilliant red sunset. ["red at night: sailor's delight" - note to self: shower, and go looking for a navyette. is that what they call them?] so we talked about lots of things, the three of us. light-hearted banter, joking about sports, the pros and cons of dusty versus muddy paris-roubaixs, and whether we preferred blue or white holiday lighting schemes. really pretty much talked about everything. except the latest news out of kansas. they've out-done themselves, and i'm thinking of moving there.


one of the topics we discussed was our old friend, scot dickson, who currently resides in delaware. here, in its entirety, is the very first email i opened after posting the above; it was sent to several friends [scot used to live in kansas; i thought of him when i posted that bit of news.]

Yesterday I needed to dress warmly since the temp reached only 35 which was a big shock after Friday's 74. So I dug into the time capsule to find something warm. I found a never-worn red Lambertini winter cycling top and bottom that I had won at a San Antonio crit April 22, 1979. That makes the suit older than you Walt. The red is so bright that you could ride at night without lights. I need to show up on one of the big weekend rides wearing this outfit along with a hairnet (strap helmet) astride my 1976 custom Bornstein frame. I also have some new/old stock official National Team clothing acquired from Ed Burke in 1979 that will need to make an appearance.

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