Friday, December 29, 2006

busted, on video
apparently, over the years, i've had more difficulty controlling my sleep than i'd previously realized. thank goodness, my friends have kept an eye out for me, and have taken great measures to ensure my safety, notwithstanding the potentially devastating effects of narcolepsy. i guess my years of denial now make me feel a little bit silly, in light of this video proof.
makes me feel a wee bit silly, but it makes me REALLY appreciate my friends.
bruised, on film
many of us have experienced the joys and sorrows slipping off the saddle and on to the top tube.
this time of year, it's appropriate to call it the nutcracker suite.
well, here's one that will make ALL of us wince.


Anonymous said...

I hope that guy has seen a doctor for that bruise. I don't think that is normal. Did you see his set up on the trainer. Video controler attached to the stem.

the mostly reverend said...

dude has some serious hemorrhaging going on. i would suggest a trip to the ER STAT!!!