Sunday, December 24, 2006

my christmas card to you . . .
i woke up last night, following my 5-hour, 130 km. gravel, sidewalk, trail, asphalt ride yesterday, at midnight to watch my new favorite christmas movie, "bad santa" [by the way, i can't believe they were able to assemble 2:30 of clean footage for this tame trailer] on comedy central [and THIS version was uncut and vulgar, according to the disclaimer. i thought it was good, clean fun].
anyway, while drinking hot chocolate and eating lefse--the central norway way--i felt myself overcome with the "reason for the season," and decided to send this card to all my readers.
it's an interactive christmas greeting i think you'll ALL enjoy!
[please take the time to follow all the way through.]
happy christmas and shit from all the kids at the orphanage.

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