Sunday, December 03, 2006

s i c k

i hate this crap . . .
you go to sleep feeling fine, and then you wake up
and feel like shit.
all i want to do is ride my bike,
and feel normal.
i don't understand how some folks enjoy feeling like shit
all the time.
plus, i'm out of coffee. used all of mine yesterday at a team meeting,
and as evidence of my ill health, i spilled grounds in the maker,
and the coffee didn't brew correctly.
by the way, i DO intend to attend the iowa state-iowa dual today.
go clones!
this really is a clash between two different types of programs:
iowa is evil; iowa state is good.
like the star trek episode i saw yesterday.


Zadman said...

Out of coffee? Damn... that's like out of air to breath around here. My little roasting operation is closed right now given that it's 10F outside. But... I have this lovely Italian Roast from here to tide me over until the weather breaks or I make another road trip.

the mostly reverend said...

who IS zadman? i have a friend, and former barista bud from zanzibar's, who works at intelligentsia.
coffee AND donuts...

see, this is a frustration with allowing anonymous or linkless comments, but, goddammit, in MY america, it's your RIGHT to speak up anonymously or without a link.
and this frustration i feel is a small price to pay. so ta hell with those busheviks who would have it otherwise. i'm willing to take one for FREEDOM!!

so thank you,zadman, for bringing it up in the first place, you fine patriot, you.

gpickle said...

Good to see you today, Kim!

The clones sure went, eh?

#2, that is...


the mostly reverend said...

to quote a certain elementary guidance counsellor from a certain school in colorado: "you might think it's pretty funny to" . . . well, i can't remember exactly all mr. mackey said, but he said it several times, al different ways of saying someone took a dump in the urinal, and that's what's the cardinal and gold did today.

lucky for me i wasn't wearing my new isu cycling socks; they'd have poop in them now.