Sunday, December 17, 2006

track bike? you finally got one?
yup, and here it is...

a nice little motobecane, purchased new, from "sprtymama" on eBay, for about $350 including shipping. i ditched the pedals, saddle, seatpost, bars and stem for old campy nuevo record pedals and cinelli toe clips, american classic seat post, selle san marco concor saddle, and cinelli bars and stem, and i'm set. i really recommend these bikes: cheap, several sizes, and several colors from which to choose. lightweight, comfy. did i say cheap?

here are the two latest fixies in the orphanage: mr. moto and my very fine late-60s schwinn racer. god, how i love that schwinn. it is remarkably comfortable [note the steve bauer-like geometry], and upside-down original handlebars with the real deal handgrips. sporty bmx saddle tops it off; kickstand makes it the envy of all my friends.

and what does the well-heeled cyclist wear while fixie spinning? how about a pair of maybe early 80s [or even late 70s] duegi lace-up racing shoes? these are so modern they came with state of the art breathable mesh uppers for the ultimate in comfort. [reverend's tip: don't throw ANYTHING away!] there you have it, my fixie shit for 2007 [and mostly likely through 2027]. thanks for asking!!

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