Friday, December 22, 2006

last minute gift ideas for her!!
. . .
there should be SOMETHING perfect here.
. . .
wanna be a better lover? spend some time here -
she'll thank you for it, later, and breathlessly
[speakers are necessary, chad!]
if you get really good at it, post some times.
enjoy . . .


Mistress Julie said...

Ok, I know where the G spot should be and I couldn't find it!!!


the mostly reverend said...

me, too. but i LOVE her voice: "mmm, lower, to the right..."
makes me think she's squirming.

Mistress Julie Rides A Bike said...

it's been awhile for you... hasn't it?

next thing i know, you'll be holed up in your house watching japanese anime' doing who knows what to yourself.

no more games for you mister.