Sunday, December 03, 2006

the movie, bobby, starring an amazing all-star cast
who all waived their standard fees and agreed to work for scale
just to be a part of this movie, was released friday, december 1.
i've not seen it yet. but unlike most movies about people or events that i have witnessed, experienced, lived through, or the such, i will see this one.
bobby kennedy was the last, true, great hope for the true spirit of this country, the standard bearer by which i measure all politicians and people. his death marked a very tragic closing of a period of not just hope and optimism, but of access and opportunity for change.
i, for one, hope that period returns.
and soon.
here's what one newspaper had to say about "bobby."
and you can watch a trailer from "bobby" here.


jed said...

Another wrestling fan among us cyclists??? I'll be watching on TV. I don't care who wins, I just want to see Cael and Tom in action. The intensity will be at a whole new level!

Anonymous said...

Kim - well said - I share your sentiments

gpickle said...

It amazes me that BOBBY is a project of Emilio Estevez. I am sure you all remember his fine work as Otto in Repo Man and shucks if Wisdom wasnt just a fine work and starring a young Demi Moore, too!

And all us orphans thought Ralph made good!

the mostly reverend said...

jed--the REAL action figure coach prize goes to isu assistant, former iowa assistant tim hartung, who got into it during the first match with both brands AND gable, and got the isu staff a technical warning. of course, his motivational speeches to the wrestlers, well, YOU saw the results. reality time for cael and isu. those freshman will be MUCH better by march, you can bet.

but the paulsons? they'll ALWAYS suck.
but damn they're pretty . . . SLOW!

and emilio, mr pickle? some people are better on the OTHER side of the camera lens. consider mel gibson, clint eastwood, barbra streisand, and your favorite, screech.

oh, and opie.

jed said...

Iowa looks like they're a season ahead of ISU in terms of talent and intensity, but I have no doubt that Cael will get them there. And what about that Long kid as an assistant? His old man used to beat the living snot out of me when I was in HS. Made me tougher and smarter (well, at least tougher). Wait'll you see Dylan's kid brother - he's flat out mean!