Monday, December 11, 2006

musings on monday

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yesterday's ride... a group of team green riders [apparently we are the southern alliance?] set off to explore the proposed fairground crit course. seven of us ultimately met there, and did a few laps. it's different than the course some of the old-timers will remember. this version includes the climb to grandpa's barn, or whatever it's called, but continues into the campgrounds, and around to the north. it then returns to the fairgrounds proper by turning left at the little office/store, and rolling down the hill past the bunny and bird barn. a sharp, VERY tricky left-hander then takes you back up the hill. there are a couple options there; one is hard, the other, harder. it's going to be fun, and will mark quite a memorable return to this great venue. mark your calendars [march 31-april 1, the new second-half of the altoona weekend, replacing the water works criterium--i think. who knows; it's december.]

then we intrepid explorers ventured by gravel to mitchelville, to check the course for the march chia chad gravel series, rumored to be the site of a new state championship. rolling north out of town on the only hard surface on the route [which is certain to be wind-swept in march], we dive east for maybe 13-15 miles of limestone hell. no kidding. wrap your bars and your balls for this race. there's a stretch of road that climbs 200+ feet in less than 3/4 mile. we will be at the mercy of the county road crews and ma nature.

you off-roadies and trans-iowa wannabes need to be here march 10, 17, 24.yes, the day before kent park. we'll be giving vouchers for your accumulated winter tough guy points. this is starting off to be a great winter season of riding, folks, and bodes well for next year. and you inside trainer and roller racers? keep it up.



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the mostly reverend said...

welcome back, my foreign friend. i fully concur with your sentiment. thanks for reading; stop by any time.

Mistress Julie said...

Reverend, where is your email address?? Please send it to me!

Thank you!