Monday, December 25, 2006

Sex Machine

can this man work a crowd?
god DAMN!
what a musical genius.
this is NOT the val aire,
nor hoyt sherman!


gpickle said...


I only just learned that there is such a job in the world as a blog coach so allow me to make a suggestion! Just urge folks to check out youtube, don't try to become youtube!

Further, don't forget about the "moves" that the godfather showed on his wife or evading the police or the tax man. Balance your coverage, damn it!

the mostly reverend said...

but lou points out that i provide "ultra liberal commentary" while it is pete who provides the fair and balanced viewpoint.

but, alas, i am temporarily unable to do anything BUT post from youtube. today's sermonette has been hijacked by the vast right-wing media conspiracy. damn them!

if you, or anyone, can help me, please do. contact me privately. i have attempted to reach a real living person at blogger. we'll see.

thanks for reading and writing, steve-o. hope you had a day yesterday.

Mistress Julie said...

exactly what day is boxer day? i want to be ready with my camera when the "switch" happens...

thanks for the heads up!

the mostly reverend said...

well, here's one scribe's view:

but that's NOT what i had in mind, initially. but it might work, depending on your camera's lens and aperture.

here's what I had in mind:

but, sadly, silly forgetful man that i am, what i apparently MEAN is BOXING day, which seems quite a silly way to put it:

there you go, mistress j: i'm ready for my close-up!