Friday, February 02, 2007

acquisitions and purchases

life has been pretty interesting, so far, and there doesn't seem to be much that would suggest that aspect is going to change anytime soon. i can look at an old photograph, and immediately recall the place and circumstances, as well as the smells, tastes, sounds and what took place right before and after. at the same time, that photo will reveal things about me at the present time, and offer significant glimpses into my future, and perhaps the futures of others. the photo below offers all you need to know about the source of my love for old cars, for example. a bit too obtuse, you say? not really. that's not me in the stroller; it's my brother, kirk, and the stroller is brand new.

new stroller, june, 1952
i wouldn't inherit this particular item for another couple years:
my first used car.
* * * * *
new bikes

each and every part is thoroughly examined before it is accepted for use on any of my racing bikes

it is seeming more and more likely that i actually will be riding a new bike later this season--and the scene shown above will be replayed in my basement shop, as i attempt the always baffling assembly process. this trepidatious undertaking is made even more daunting by the several generations of improvements that have become obsolete since last i had a new bike. i joked last memorial day weekend about how my rear wheel must have been a piece of shit to self-destruct with less than 80,000 miles on it. hell, my 1974 campy high-flange hubs work just fine. [don't ask sterling about my mountain bike maintenance skills--cheap, top-of-the-line xtr stuff] if you see me at the side of the road, scratching my head, when i should be racing, don't worry: i've probably just learned something new that everyone else has known for years. and i'm probably amazed. no biggie.

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Anonymous said...

Rev - Thought you might like some good bike porn if you don't do BRR, so go to and enjoy! It's sad to say but I would rather work selling furniture tomorrow than ride my bike in that weather! Later, Greg Moore. Travel Gravel!