Wednesday, February 07, 2007

squirrels: mischievous, or fastidious?

Dear Dr. Science, How come the rain water that comes from my downspouts is always full of soap suds?

Dr. Science says: Squirrels are doing their laundry in your gutters.
Check your laundry detergent levels. Probably you're missing a cup or two every time it rains. Squirrels keep at least two separate fur jumpsuits, one for warm weather and the other for cold. Gray squirrels are more fashion conscious than red or brown squirrels, and hate to appear in public with even a oil spot on their tail. The rare black squirrel is especially susceptible to the cold, and in winter will often wear three furs at once, each held in place by a tiny zipper. If those zippers gets stuck, then the squirrel may die from heatstroke come spring, so they carefully oil their zippers, usually with nut oil.

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Squirrel said...

all of thee above:)!!