Tuesday, February 27, 2007

kids at play

we got some snow and ice the other night . . .

and the kids at the orphanage couldn't sleep.
unfortunately, the reverend couldn't get his tricycle out of the enclave.

and the reverend couldn't say "no" to these pleading faces.

so while the reverend was out front shoveling snow from the labyrinth of walkways in front of the orphanage, and encountering strange looking trees and vines,

the kids played in the back yard.

i'm hoping this next batch of snow and ice also comes at 200 am.

it's great having the world to ourselves.


the mostly reverend said...

and cody, thanks for the slap in the face. i needed that!

Anonymous said...

The dogs are nice.
What happened to the chick with the big Hooters?

the mostly reverend said...

she's an orphan, staying here until she gets back on her own; or i took her down because it was an inappropriate post.

Cody G. said...

Any time, Kim! Thanks for being a critical thinker.

And, anonymous, someday when you're old enough we'll have a talk about the birds and the bees and the dominant white male heirarchy in which we live.

Anonymous said...

Inappropriate? She was in public and had clothes on. There were no derogatory comments. So really what was inappropriate?

Cody G. said...

Since you ask, anonymous, I will give you my thoughts. Nudity isn't always inappropriate, but that wasn't even close to the issue here. There were indeed derogatory comments, like "chick with the big Hooters." This is a form of objectification, which is absolutely disrespectful in the sense that it removes human characteristics, something similar to the Jim Crow caricatures once very popular in this culture.

Anyway, this photo needed no caption to be inappropriate. The phenomenon of breast enlargement is tied to the current patriarchy which values those "big Hooters." The context in which it was presented further objectifies women in general and reifies the subordinate role.

This is my perspective.