Wednesday, February 07, 2007

chad's new family travel plan, & other love stories

i was out tooling around this weekend,
and saw chad testing the hitch on his just-refurbished trailer.
it looks like he's getting ready to bring the whole family
to the longer races this season.
and it also looks like his winter strength training is working well.
* * * * *
and speaking of love...
the recent "snow" full moon has brought about some very exciting and heart-warming developments on the "love front"--especially appropriate as valentine's day fast approaches.
here's one story that may have caught some cupid watchers by surprise, but not the reverend, who has long said "it's love, not rocket science."
* * * * *
talking of science always makes me think about religion,
and of the strange and wonderful ways god chooses to play his hand.
one of the brightest stars on god's team, ted haggard, has had a noteworthy year, starring in the cinematic sleeper "church camp," in addition to being the head of a 14,000 member-strong congregation church in always-stable colorado.
god has a different task for ted and his family, though, and it isn't just saving souls 14,000 at a time.
it's gonna be saving gay souls.
mark my words: after just three weeks, ted is "completely heterosexual" [something some folks have been struggling with for years], and he and his wife, a woman, are both getting their masters degrees ON-LINE in psychology, and will soon re-emerge stronger, fuller of god's love, and with a new tv contract.
by the way, if you'd like to read what others have to say about this
"miraculous" reversal, read here. and hold on.


gpickle said...

Sweet Jesus!

Anonymous said...

I would respond but I'm busy getting my rocket sience degree on line.