Tuesday, February 20, 2007

the first day of summer

i spotted the first top-down, girl-filled convertible of 2007 this afternoon.
and if my backyard wasn't snowed-in, i'd have gotten one of mine out, too!
but alas, i rode my bike . . .
as beardo put it, "it's nice to riding with guys who need haircuts."
and it was. it started yesterday, with a call from my friend wade,
who said he's training for the all9yards/hyvee triathlon
that our team is putting on this summer.
he's been training with a bunch of women in a class at the ankeny "y"
and wanted to get back outside on his bike.
we met at the orphanage at 300, after beardo arrived,
and off we were. beardo told us of his encounter with
the first bitch of spring, who honked severely at him on the drake campus
for riding his bike on a warm, sunny day.
it was a wonderful ride, heading out through a slowly awakening
water works park and onto park avenue.
we'd discovered that the city has created a great new bike lane
on park avenue: it's right down the middle of the street,
bounded on either side by a yellow stripe.
no cars, no splashing, no hassles.
who knew that passing lanes could be so safe?
not much more to report, other than the carnival we found
somewhere north and east of norwalk.
we saw where they carnies tied up their petting zoos during the winter.
it had a real diane arbus starkness about it.
i've gotta go back with a camera and a schpiel.
upon my return, it was to the basement to attack my team jj coat
with "spray and scrub and wash" so it will be dry
and ready for tomorrow's ride.
after six long weeks of winter's fury [we are such wimps here],
i was claiming myself race-ready.
that is, ready for someone to hand my ass to me in a race.
will it be you?
+ + + + +
and on another note, many people have asked,
"mostly reverend, what is the secret of your success?"
well, the answer is right here.


Anonymous said...

Hey Rev! Get the real world riding in while you can as it looks like we'll be back in the wet mode by Friday. Rode about 20 miles today, by myself, on county roads, and not one single car passed me from either direction. It was odd, and you know people are not ready to "have to deal with some idiot on a bike" yet, so I hope for the best for all of us riders as the riding increases. Once it does start raining or whatever, you might like some "soft" bike porn. www.bikerodnkustom.com Enjoy. Greg Moore, Boone "Travel Gravel!"

the mostly reverend said...

very cool link, and amazing bikes. reminds me of 7th grade science class, george herman ribbing, teacher. sooo boring, i spent the hour drawing hot rods and kustom street rods, with similar design flairs. thanks.

gpickle said...

Nothing like a severe honking....

the mostly reverend said...

a good honking is what we ALL need from time to time.
makes me feel young again!