Friday, February 23, 2007

spring, when a cyclist's thoughts turn to...PORN?

like all real cyclists, i'm sick of this indoor cycling shit.
so when predictions of 40+ to 50+ temperatures started floating
in the atmosphere around the orphanage, i got excited.
i washed my all-terrain ralph, getting ready for the warm, dry spring to come.
and when the spring mini-camp approached this week,
dang, i was bouncing off the walls, to the delight of my hounds.
but the sunshine and warmth did not make the remaining snow disappear.
rather, it turned the roads to slop.
i washed my all-terrain ralph AGAIN.
chain and drivetrain all sprayed and lubed.
but i am all sick of the "spray, scrub & wash" routine
that my old team jj kit requires to keep
the garrett davis design looking so goddamned hot.
and the floating daggers we encountered today,
a prelude to this weekend's promised blizzard, were not welcomed.
but when i found this incredible porn, i had to light up.
man, oh MAN!
this shit is HOT!!!

1 comment:

Garrett said...

I liked that bike p0rn. Mmm, Mmm - Those rotor rings are dope! Dirty Dickey and JJ use them with much success! You need some for sure!

Thanks for dropping my link. Miss you dude!

P.S. When are you going to go Punk rock with your cycling?