Sunday, February 25, 2007

tour trivia - a contest

my flirtation with spring has been dashed all to hell;
i can't take this fucking weather much more,
so here's a silly cycling game for this place.
and the entire euro-pro season might be shot;
i've been watching old tour tapes to seek inspiration
enjoying what was as a hedge against what might not.
in recent tours we've been accustomed to just lance and yawn
as those who have worn number "one."
but one season's coverage made me think of a question
to replace sleet and shit with some fun:
which edition of the tour de france
featured the greatest number of former tour winners
representing the largest number of overall tour victories?
to enter, simply post your answer [the year]
with verification [names of former tour winners,
with the year/s of their victories] in the comments section.
the winner will be awarded a fabulous prize from the orphanage archives.

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Anonymous said...


What do I win?

Dave L