Thursday, February 01, 2007

col. bruce hampton, ret.

here's a great story about bruce hampton,
whom i consider a friend, and who is one of the most creative folks i've ever met. if you are familiar with the allman brothers band, the derek trucks band, the aquarium rescue unit, jazz is dead, the fiji mariners, blueground undergrass, and now widespread panic, you are familiar with the influences of this man.
read it, check out some of the links, and learn about this musical genius. he's been in the area a number of times, but not lately, and the liklihood of his return to this side of the midwest is slim. but he is really worth checking out. amazing stuff. i rank him with frank zappa in terms of sheer innovativeness.


Ryan said...

Used to cover "stand up people" back in the day with a band called Green 11... Just thought I'd mention that you have good taste in music.

the mostly reverend said...

why thank you, ryan. i've always thought so, and i'm glad to see you do, too. have good taste in music, that is...well, and that you think i have good taste, too, i guess.