Sunday, January 14, 2007

the face of tough guy points
many riders have been asking me all fall and winter about "tough guy points."
it's a lot like the supreme court's view of obscenity: "i'll know it when i see it."
[former u.s. supreme court justice potter stewart, 1964]
it's like this: you've gotta have several of the following factors:
1--below freezing;
3--long ride [certainly more than 2 hours--that's not even a warm-up];
4--unusually harsh road conditions [soft gravel, muds, ice or such];
5--very brisk pace throughout;
6--you shall NOT use the word "epic" to describe the ride
[penalty: forfeiture of all accumulated points];
7--"precipitation" is a bonus;
8--"someone on the ride vomits or bonks" is a bonus.
. . . . .
bottom line: it's gotta hurt; you've gotta feel it the next day--or no points.
[otherwise they have no redemption value later in the actual season.]


Cynnie said...

Just meandering by..
I'm too much a doofus to ride with the tough guys..

If there's a car coming within a mile of me ..i will aim my bike straight for it ..and immediately get the "deer in headlights " look.

Fun blog...I'll be back( whether you like it or not there )

S.Fuller said...

Reverend, an enjoyable morning sermon by you and you and Pastor Squirrel this morning. Much was learned.

the mostly reverend said...

thanks for the visit; i enjoyed checking out your places. stop by again soon!

Pete Basso said...

Kim, this will be an out of character comment, but is that the face of a tough guy, or just the face of a date that went wrong?

the mostly reverend said...

which face is that, pete?