Tuesday, January 02, 2007

tough guys

dear readers--
since the weather has turned south, there has been MUCH talk of the legendary, mythical "tough guy point."
what IS a tough guy point?
how do you EARN a tough guy point?
before i tell you, perhaps you would be well served to watch this video a few times.
THESE are "tough guys."


Bike Tech Racing said...

That's some funny shit. I sure hope I never run into them in a dark alley. I might die - laughing.

Anonymous said...

Kim, I'm thinking you're logging a little too much youtube time. You need to get out of the orphanage and interact with regular people (regular = not convicts or cyclists).


the mostly reverend said...

i'm afraid i don't know any regular people. but, i DO recognize your handiwork [or legwork] in this video!!
[did anyone ELSE see lou?]

Pete Basso said...

Oh...dude, that is halarious!! I have to admit I was laughing the whole time. I especially love the guy with numbchucks, (sp?), who does the backflip and doesn't make it all the way around. Great stuff.