Wednesday, March 11, 2009

about last night

it was like this...

...except it was in des moines, not rock island. oh, and it was colder, wetter, windier, and there were just TWO of us. reminded ME a little of all those roller rides in my basement this past winter. except they were outside, and colder, wetter, and windier than actual roller rides. and sometimes, there were more than two of us. gonna be a weird spring, i'm thinking.

hey, where we gonna meet once it IS nice enough for the rest of you to join us? someone mentioned the bike kollective, at 617 grand. they have a bathroom, a pump, tubes and GU, and a nice central location... i'm just thinking out loud, you see.


gpickle said...

A reported 12 on the IC group race last night,

you should move here

the mostly reverend said...

something about eppen on a single speed, eh? damn.