Tuesday, March 10, 2009

the second-most interesting news tidbit of the day

april showers bring may flowers,
what does THIS weather bring?
march madness, of course!!
i've taken the cure; have you?


gpickle said...

I took that picture!

Motor Bacon Tour 2003

If you missed it,


the mostly reverend said...

hey, i was THERE, and i fucked up.

but not to quibble, i think it was 2004.

the mostly reverend said...

channeling cartman:
"son of a BITCH!"

i fucking HATE it when i'm wrong.

okay, i fucked up AGAIN: found this photo in my ragby 2003 file.

[on my virtual knees][smallest possible font][whispers under breath]: sorry.

the mostly reverend said...

Who's this "gpickle" who picks on an old man?

i've gotta tighten security around here.

Z said...

Hmmm.... Looks kinda like Field Of Dreams. *lol*