Sunday, March 01, 2009

how soon they forget

You Might be a Republican If...
1) You believe that Bush's redistribution of middle-class tax cuts to thetop 1% of tax-payers was good for America, but Obama's plan to return it to the middle class is 'socialism.'
2) You believe stem cells are living human beings, but thousands of Iraqi children are 'expendable collateral damage.'
3) You believe tax cuts for billionaires are a great idea, yet you wonder why the economy has stalled, your job just got out sourced to India, and oil company executives receive $400,000,000.00 retirement packages as they cut pensions for their labor force.
4) You believe that the surge worked because the violence in Iraq is back to 2006 levels, which is only horrible, compared to what it was in 2007; intolerable. Besides, Brit Hume said so.
5) You think trial lawyers are harmful to America, but you support prosecuting some guy in Muncie Indiana who burned his 99¢ American flag that was made in China by forced child labor.
6) You're all for the 'rule of law' when it's applied to Bill Clinton for lying about his infidelity, but not for prosecuting Karl Rove and Scooter Libby for committing treason.
7) You think George W. Bush is actually a really smart guy, but his folksy manner just makes him seem dumber than he really is.
8) You believe that those privileged from birth achieve success all on their own.
9) You believe Ronald Reagan was a great president who had complete control of all aspects of government, but that Iran-Contra Affair was an insignificant scandal that went on without his knowledge.
10) You believe Democrats tax and spend, but George W. Bush was a fiscal conservative.
11) You believe Oliver North, who was CONVICTED of perjury, obstruction of justice, destroying evidence and accepting bribes is a patriot, but John Kerry, who saved a man's life while under enemy fire in Vietnam is a coward.
12) You believe George W. Bush has kept us safe from terror, and that the failure to prevent the 9/11 attacks were Clinton's fault.
13) You actually believe Fox News is fair & balanced.
14) You still believe Saddam had truckloads of WMDs, and that he somehow managed to sneak them into Syria, right under our noses.
15) You believe Terri Schiavo was sentient all along, and that Bill Frist had the ability to diagnose her condition by watching a 5 second video of her sleeping.
16) You're in favor of stronger prison sentences for drug users, yet your favorite radio personality is Rush Limbaugh.
17) You complain about having to press 1 for English, yet you hire illegal Mexicans to mow your lawn because they're cheaper than hiring the kid next door.
18) Homosexuality is abhorrent to you, except when a Republican senator, the president of the National Association of Evangelicals, and a planted White House journalist get caught having sexual affairs with gay men, then you suddenly feel sorry for them.
19) The war in Iraq makes perfect sense to you, but any suggestion by Barack Obama that we target al Qaeda terrorists in Pakistan is 'dangerous and reckless.'
20) You don't mind that president Bush tortured al Qaeda suspects, yet you're horrified by the barbarism of al Qaeda when they capture one of our guys.
21) You believe the 1/10 of 1% of scientists who claim global warming is a hoax, and reject the 99.9% who say it's real, because Sean Hannity and his friends in the oil industry have convinced you that science is a liberal conspiracy.
22) You believe that patriotism means you should support your government right or wrong (unless a Democrat's in power, then it's your patriotic duty to call him a closet Muslim, challenge his birth certificate, expose his sex life and impeach him).
23) You're proud of your party's 'culture of life.' Yet you support the death penalty for minors, you believe 600,000 dead Iraqis is justified because one of them was Saddam Hussein, and you oppose confronting the genocide in Darfur because they don't have oil.
24) You support prayer in school, as long as your kids aren't subjected to any prayers other than Christian ones.
25) You think Darwin's theory of evolution is a loony fairy tale and that mankind actually began with two naked teenagers, a magic apple and a talking snake.
26) You think $35 billion spent on health care for children is a waste of taxpayer's money, but $3 TRILLION spent on a catastrophic war that has isolated us from our allies, decimated our economy and made us less safe wasmoney well spent.
27) You believe embargoing communist Cuba is sound foreign policy, but trading with China is just good business.
28) You believe Newt Gingrich and Henry Hyde were faithful husbands and that Larry Craig just has a wide stance.
29) You fervently defend the Constitution, but when president Bush got caught monitoring 300 million phones without a warrant, politicizing our justice system, hyping evidence for going to war and pardoning a convicted perjurer who just happened to be on his staff, then it's okay, because he was just 'protecting America.'
30) You were outraged when a gallon of gasoline went from $1.29 to $1.40 during the two terms of the Clinton presidency, but you didn't seem to mind when prices tripled under George W. Bush, the "oil man."
31) You were furious when Bill Clinton pardoned international commodities trader Marc Rich, who was convicted of tax evasion, but applauded when George W. Bush exonerated Scooter Libby for obstructing justice to protect Dick Cheney from a treason indictment.
32) With no evidence whatsoever, you complained of 'voter fraud,' and demanded that thousands of blacks be scrubbed from voting lists during the 2004 election in Ohio, yet when Rush Limbaugh asked his audience to illegally claim to be Democrats and vote for Hillary Clinton during the Ohio Primary in February to "stir up trouble," a felony, you were okay with that.
33) You believe that Barack Obama should be held accountable for every sermon that Jeremiah Wright ever gave, but John McCain, who sought the endorsement of anti-Semitic, xenophobic, openly racist and homophobic pastors should be given a pass.
34) You believe that Barack Obama is either a secret Muslim, was actually born in Kenya, and his parents forged a fake birth certificate when he was born - just in case he should ever run for president, or that his father's nationality disqualifies his son from being president, all because you read that on the Internet.
35) You believe that the 8 consecutive years of prosperity and strong economic growth from 1993 - 2001 was due to the work of Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, but today's recession is all Clinton's fault.
36) You think this list is mean-spirited and biased, and even though you privately acknowledge to yourself that it's all true, you believe the Democrats are just as bad. Here's a bulletin: Nobody has EVER been this bad.
The Republican party is OVER. Thank God.


Jeff Bratz said...

Good grief. Can't you just be happy the Obama is president? I kinda thought this would be a cycling blog again once he was elected.

The Dems have the WH, and both legislative bodies...which is tragic for the country-just as it was when the Repubs had control.


Brett said...

Kim, you forgot to mention the underlying reason in point #4 about the so called success of the surge. Prior was a major population shift due to ethnic cleansing in the form of Shia chasing the minority Sunni out of long lived neighborhoods all over Iraq and mainly in Baghdad. 100’s of thousands have died or been killed with 2 million Iraqis displaced and another 2 million Iraqis seeking refuge in Syria and Jordan. Old mixed neighborhoods are now homogeneous Shia or Sunni areas just waiting for a reason to explode. Sort of along the lines of the Catholic VS Protestant fight in Northern Ireland except the Sunni/Shia animosity goes back 1400 years.

I won’t get going on the in the name of religion theme as pretty much 99.9% of organized religion is what was in tended if anything ever was intended. But regarding Iraq wasn’t this originally about WMD’s and then onto whatever de-evolving reason could be spun for the war in Iraq?

In short the Surge started towards the end of the ethnic cleansing amounting to flag waving pride. For that we should proud as American’s for what we’ve done for the Iraqi people and the stability of the Middle East, uhm and I like road rash..........

the mostly reverend said...

jeff, i've gotta think about SOMETHING during those long, 4 to 6 hour rides. but i didn't write this list, someone sent it to me.

but, seriously, how bout that rush limbaugh guy. now HE'S on to something.

the mostly reverend said...

oh, and one last thought before bed: whose idea was all this free-market tax-cut and charge it to the max bullshit that the repugs are now getting all freaked about? and the dems wanting to pay for it AND get their agenda through is dangerous?

RIGHT. as right as acid rain.

Jeff Bratz said...

Both sides are dangerous when in absolute control.

Brett said...

As Lord Acton said, “Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”

Brett said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
the mostly reverend said...

it was a duplicate post; no censoring this time.
sorry, conspiracy theorists.

Brett said...

Being the poster of the deleted previously posted post I will swear in court that the previous post was indeed a duplicate post that is now deleted.