Thursday, March 12, 2009

don't worry: i'm not selling MY bikes 'n shit--

--because i've already SOWN my seeds.
look here to view what's sprung up already!
my line of infant and toddler clothing my line of one-of-a-kind ceramics
and of course, my photography!
the secret to a long life--a fulfilling life--as a competitive cyclist is finding something that gives you pleasure, and allows expression of your non-competitive side. i have, and i want to share my passion with you now, at the aptly named ""
my treat to you!!


Greyt Times said...

Love the reusable coffee covers!

the mostly reverend said...

reduce, reuse, retire, retread, recycle, recover, reruns, reheat, re-elect, restart, regurgitate, and so much remore.

love those greys!!