Wednesday, March 18, 2009

back when i was a kid...

speaking of old [see the following post], i brought the change in from my dashboard, and among the pennies, i found a 1945 wheat penny. i don't know why it is, but i can spot these things in a handful of coins, or in the cash drawer at my local coffee shop, back when i was a barista, or wherever. i toss such oddities in a little place, where i have a handful of old coins, dollar bills [silver certificates and other no-longer-issued styles] and things. makes no sense, but i just like the little evolution of money. i mourned--and still do--the loss of the old model t from the ten dollar bill, but in years to come, will appreciate the other eventually outdated styles of cash. no biggie, but as i get older, these little quirks take me back to when quarters were coins, not sandwiches, and jfk regularly appeared in your change, and when, well, you get it.
okay, one more: and when one nickel got you a substantial hersey's bar, or a bottle of pop, and a dime got you both, with two cents back for the bottle.

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