Wednesday, March 04, 2009

thought for the day

i've not been posting much lately.
yes, i can hear the mixed responses. i've been busy doing stuff, and much of it has to do with cycling: with the radio show, at the legislature and that idiotic bill of rights thing, for the kollective [it's volunteer "season" and we're getting LOTS of folks to come down on friday nights--have YOU?], and with an area elementary school, where we are attempting to build a cycling club to include students, parents, faculty and staff.
there are some very cool things just on and over the horizon, though, and although i can't officially announce anything just yet, i'd advise you to get your old cruisers out, check your tires, tubes, brakes, chains, and streamers, and set aside wednesday nights for the spring, summer, and fall for some sweet, old riding enjoyment. on yehuda moon, there is a sense among some commuter cyclists that the racers don't know how to have fun on bikes. i'm doing all i can to help change that image. oh, by the way, the iowa race season, you know, the season that exists OUTSIDE, kicks off in fine fashion this weekend, with TWO races in the area. saturday, bring your bikes to the mitchelville city park for a 50 mile gravel road race sponsored by racing team. 10 am start. sunday, make it out to the cumming tap for free breakfast burritos from 700 to 900 am, and then hit the gravel for a 100 km out-and-back race. it's a fundraiser for the des moines bike kollective, with great prizes, and a killer course.
oh, and about the kollective: there is a 5-week bike repair class that begins tonight, and at the end of the month, ladies nights begin. the 2d and 4th mondays of the month with be all for you, with topics to be announced later.
oh, it's riding time again...

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