Sunday, March 22, 2009

not just good news, GREAT news!!

my friends g pickle and cody [that's just two folks, not three] are just weeks away from opening "30th century bicycle," their brand new bike shop in iowa city. located at 310 east prentiss, this small, unassuming shop is located in the heart of the blinky light district in iowa city, just behind the vine on south gilbert. steve and cody are hoping to be open by old capitol weekend, and the way they do things, i bet they will. i am just excited and happy as hell not only for steve and cody, but for the entire iowa city and iowa cycling population. why? because of steve and cody. they are cyclists at heart; they live it.
they GET it.
both have been instrumental to the success of the iowa city bike library, both are long-time bike mechanics and sales people [in a good way--recall the BL connection], both have labored years in other are bike shops [so they know and have seen good and bad, right and wrong], and not only is steve an eagle scout, he was also the undisputed winner of a major 30+ cycling race event AND the very first person EVERY to be awarded [after much non-ado] the cup o' dirt for completing 12 one-hundred mile GRAVEL centuries in a calendar year a couple years ago.
cody is an incredibly talented artist and is a pretty damned good cyclist in her own right, and i suspect a bit too smart to get hooked by the racing thing.
go here to learn more about 30 cent bikes, and to follow their progress. we at the orphanage [g pickle painted it purple a few years ago] wish them nothing but the best of luck.
oh, and is my bike done yet?

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Steve Fuller said...

Woah. Big news. Congrats to GPickle and Cody :)