Tuesday, March 24, 2009

from last week's shoot-out

to my knowledge, this is the only photo in existence of the inaugural "death squad 5000 shoot out race." here, an unknown rassy's rider attempts to escape. such attacks were unsuccessful, so i've been told.


Z said...

Ja ... Obwohl die Autos könnten respektieren Ihr Recht auf der Straße mit den Uniformen.

Buckshot77 said...

Wow, German Spam! Do they even have spam in Germany? Great pic Kim.

the mostly reverend said...

yes, but it's called der schpammenkloppfel, i think.
is that correct, Z?

[note: my pal Z lives in the german sector of the quint cities]

Z said...

Sumptin' like dat... mien Geistlicher. German is wonderful... it's so object oriented. But here, I'm thinking it just Spam.

Jeff Bratz said...

loosely translated:
"stil, the cars should give them the right of way when they see their uniform"