Thursday, March 12, 2009

spring fever hits capitol city!!

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the recent wave of outdoor cycling, with its promise of sunshine and spring-like weather, and its sucker-punch of cold, wet, wind and more cold and wet, has apparently left in its wake an epidemic of kids feeling shitty. above is a sneak-peak inside the sick bay [taken through the glass window in the germ-free door] at the all9yards training facility in downtown mitchelville. the team's medical staff assures us that all will be back in the green for this weekend's gravel race #2, saturday at 900 am. i understand that the punk girls will be unable to attend, as their training camp in race-hardened tulsa has them getting some ironically out-of-state last-minute miles before their assault on the iowa race calendar. my sources tell me that bikes to you has their garmin-gps in place, and are ready to take no prisoners without maps.

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