Thursday, March 19, 2009

the truth about shoot outs


Jeff Bratz said...

wondering if this has a point?


the mostly reverend said...

think "shoot out"

Jeff Bratz said...

seems as though you were mocking something...but it is so veiled i am not certain what?

the mostly reverend said...


jeff, sometimes i just like to post stuff. but sometimes i like to point out the absurdity of naming a damned bike ride.

Jeff Bratz said...

kinda like the tuesday night world championship ride, or the papa johns ride, or the ride to honor cyclists killed(can't remember but something about silence)?

who cares?

it is people riding their bikes, isn't it absurd to mock someone for riding? come is dudes riding-who cares.

feel free to join in the shootout/bike ride/ etc.

it is just about the bike isn't it?