Friday, May 11, 2007


. . . . .
i've been working on my trackstanding
while doing research for my blogs.
. . . . .
my team,, hosts a little time trial in elkhart. we had one last night. it's a little 12 km, flat, out-and-back course, that draws more than 150 competitors every month. most come equipped with specialty bikes, wheels, helmets, and clothing worth thousands and thousands of dollars.

but not me.

* * * * *

those of you who raced in the midwest in the late 80s and early 90s will remember this bike. it's from the heyday of velo-vets [krueger, hileman, bananas and me] from europa in cedar falls. great shop, great service, by the way. it's a trek 2300 pro, my first carbon bike. learned all about frame flex, with my 54, 55, and 56 tooth chainrings. i did dozens of time trials with this bike. but lately, it's been hanging in the basement, attracting only my slowly growing sentiment. so yesterday, i slapped on a 55 chainring [old campy nuevo record bolt pattern]

and installed my equally old mavic bullhorn handlebars [remember my old,ordinary paint job funny bike?] with the 1990 scott clip-ons. i found a happy cog on my old rolf vector wheel, slapped on a front brake, and was ready to roll in a 55x13. it was great: sunny, 80+ and no wind. it was a little slow off the start, but, man oh man, did it roll once i got going. i had a great time on this old bike.

it left me breathless, just like it always does.

i love racing bicycles, man.

. . . . .

by the way, as i get out and about, i have the pleasure of meeting some of the apparently many folks who actually read this stuff on a regular basis. i really appreciate that you do, and that you understand and get the point of why i say the things i do.

problem is, that only encourages me.


S.Fuller said...

The question is:

Did age and treachery triumph over thousands of dollars in go fast gear?

the mostly reverend said...

i'm too modest to say.
you'll have to check to find out.