Wednesday, May 16, 2007

coming to harrah's august 31, 2007

! ! ! ! !

the allman brother's band
will be performing in council bluffs.
i will be going.
who wants to come with me?

* * * * *
post your reasons in the comments section.
it could be worth your efforts,
as anyone who has ever seen them with me will attest.


steve said...

you know as well as i do that not all your bikes are new and may need some work from time to time

the mostly reverend said...

does that count you as an "in?"
there is a show the 28th in st paul, too, that should be a good one.

Jeff C said...

I most certainly deserve to attend. I have a fine appreciation of all thing coffee and the first vinyl double album that I ever bought was “Live At Fillmore East” and I still own it and play it.