Wednesday, May 09, 2007

the tour of . . .IOWA???

. . . . .

governor chet culver was a guest on "the exchange,"
a call-in program on kuni, 90.9 fm.
i didn't call, because i respect the one-question limit.
instead, i sent an email--surprise--to his honor, stating the following:
that next week is bike to work week;
that efforts are in motion to proclaim iowa "the trail capital of america;"
that i have had several friends and teammates
killed and injured over the years by motorists;
[i included this link to the video-captured assault]
that only one person has done any time at all, and that not because he'd killed a bicyclist but that because he was an habitual owi offender;
that i am subjected to year-round harassment by motorists as i ride.
i posed the following questions:
1--IS cycling a priority in iowa?
2--is cycling seen as viable as both transportation AND recreation?
3--what will the culver administration do to ensure that existing motor vehicle laws are enforced to protect bicyclists?
4--what will the governor do
to make iowa roads and city streets safe for ALL cyclists?
5--[i sucked up here] "as a former star athlete," will the governor follow the lead of governors in "cally four knee uh," georgia, utah [r.i.p.], missouri, and viriginia, and host and promote a statewide bicycle race, to showcase and promote iowa as truly
a bicycle friendly and welcoming state?
. . . . .
i mentioned that my team,,
promotes over 30 races from march through october annually,
and would be quite willing to get behind such a project.
? ? ? ? ?
whadya bet i don't get a response?
but if i DO, are you ready for,
in conjunction with
the orphanage
the tour of iowa?
* * * * *
[it will not be held during ragbrai, and it will include some gravel]

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S.Fuller said...

I think that the riders should be forced to choose a single gear ratio for the week before the start of the event. :)