Wednesday, May 23, 2007

POST 301

* * * * *
sounds like my cub scout pack number,
or a v.f.w. lodge number.
but "POST 301" means i've already done 300 of these things.
so, in keeping with the way i like to do things,
i'm gonna take some time off.
but don't worry,
i'll leave you with some thoughtful words,
chosen just for you, my loyal readers.

me? i'll be okay.

[click on the photo to enlarge--it's cool!]

probably just hang out with some friends.

whatever . . .


Wacko said...

Sheri says she wants her royalties for all the money you make off the photo. :)

the mostly reverend said...

oh, yeah, that reminds me:
a portion of all proceeds from
"today's sermonette" goes to one of the mostly reverend's favorite charities:
"pins for collarbones"
this fine group helps pay reconstruction costs for racers who suffer cracked clavicles.
not that THAT ever happens!

Mistress Julie said...

have a fantastic holiday weekend rev. heckle the hell out of the riders at snake creek for me.

thanks for all the laughs in your blog and comment posts.

you, my friend, kick mountains of ass. :)

the mostly reverend said...

aw, shucks...