Thursday, May 31, 2007


the reason bicycle racing has not caught on in the states
is obvious from this photo,
taken at sunday's melon city criterium,
and submitted by a loyal reader.
to fully and properly appreciate the arts and sciences of cycling
take LOTS of thought.
and beer.
here, great minds have gathered for the sole purpose of
coming up with a way to get cochran to buy beer,
my way of having him give back to cyclists
from whom he has taken so much,
prior to his upgrade.
for the record, two eighteen packs of bud.
thanks, jim!
. . . . .
i love cycling, and cyclists.


Anonymous said...

Rev, Those guys may have been thinking of ways to get beer, but I bet you were thinking, "I need some fresh porn to look at when it starts raining again, hmmm....but where would I find said porn?" Well, perv on over to and go to the previous builds page. The good stuff! Later, Greg Moore "Travel Gravel!"

the mostly reverend said...

i can always count on a timely reminder.
now if i just had some beer...

Anonymous said...

I was so concentrated on the racing that later in the day after racing and 3 beers, I forgot my spare wheels at the race course.

Thanks for the beer Cochran!