Monday, May 07, 2007

ya know why SNL sucks?

who can write THIS stuff?


Bart said...

Good point sir, blockhead politicians from all realms give comedians lots of material.

You know the original cast of SNL was the best and aside from a smattering of exceptions over the years, the majority have totally sucked. I watched some fool knocking off the squeezing your head gag in the 90's when I remember seeing it on SNL in the 70's. Who knows, the routine was probably done prior to that even.

Bill said...

That reminds me of when Hillary used her left hand during the national anthem. I had to laugh at that.

the mostly reverend said...

i loved the episode of the "colbert report" where the guest, a member of congress who had introduced a bill to require the posting of the ten commandments at schools, was asked to list the ten commandments, the objects of his love.
um, he failed to get more than about three, if you exclude the couple that he mangled.