Saturday, May 05, 2007

guns & roses? love them activist judges!!

i know this looks old, but it's been updated, as promised.
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scroll down, and learn how & why.
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click on the picture for an exciting and educational excursion!
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by the way, that's a gun made of real skin.
isn't that neat?
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guns, the law, and you [and your well-regulated militia]
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a couple weeks ago--not much has happened here at the orphanage lately,
it's been eerily quiet, actually--
i posted a photo of a little monkey holding a handgun,
under the caption "troublesome" following the insane shootings at virginia tech. a faithful reader quickly posted a comment under the wrong post, and an interesting thread of discussion ensued. to read these comments, read the comment section FOLLOWING the post entitled--ironically--
"why can't i be smart?"
the troublesome quote was attributed to president dubya wherein he asserted "that there is a right for people to bear arms,
but that all laws must be followed."
this, from the same president who vowed to follow to the end of the earth [but not too far into bora bora] those responsible for toppling the twin towers. i found that more than a bit troublesome. many of you don't remember the tragic chapter of american life wherein in too short a span, guns killed not only a president, a presidential candidate, two civil rights leaders, and wounded and paralyzed another presidential candidate
[remember george c. wallace?], but also mortally wounded the optimism and hope that buoyed the post-eisenhower era.
it's been downhill in many respects since then.
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many fans of "the right" love to blame "liberal activist judges who legislate from the bench rather than strictly interpret the original intent of the founding fathers" for all the woes of modern-day american society, whether the topic is war, drug use, poverty, racial strife, education, election outcomes [oh, wait, they liked that one], the decline of the family, the "rise" in homosexuality, and more.
basically, everything the right doesn't like, the court is to blame.
specifically, those activist judges who make laws from the court.
now, i don't know everything, but i do know quite a bit.
one of these things is how to interpret at least a little bit what a court means when it says something. i also have a fairly good idea about what a court CAN'T do, and among the many things they can't do is make laws.
but this is digression.
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in the comments section to "why can't i be smart" were these thoughts:
1--the bill of rights, that is, the first ten amendments, are CIVIL rights, ie, individual rights.
2--the term militia applies to individuals, not paramilitary groups, or other military groups such as national guards and such.
3--the partiot [sic] act is an "uber dumb ... leap toward communism."
. . . . .
1--the bill of rights is not exclusively devoted to individual rights. many are prohibitions and limitations on congress to various groups [religion, speech, the press, and assemblies of people], and regarding other non-delegated powers are reserved to the states or the people.
2--the term militia is mentioned again in the fifth amendment, wherein it would appear that if the court adopted the thinking of one faithful reader, an individual who deems himself to be a "militia" could declare a state of "public danger" and summarily subject an individual to answer for a capitol offense, unfettered by the usual fifth amendment protections.
3--i have no idea what the hell this reader is trying to say.
. . . . .
but to the point about liberal activist judges being the bane of all that is good, i suggest readers peruse this acticle. as you read this, bear in mind that laurence tribe is a professor at harvard college of law, and was the attorney who argued on behalf of al gore before the supreme court when the court stole the 2000 presidential election from the american public.
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speaking of gun rights, by the way,
guess who ELSE enjoys that delicious taste of liberty that only being
a well-armed militia can deliver?
if you guessed me, shoot yourself in the foot!
[that's supposed to be good, in this context.]


gpickle said...

I was interested to click on the quilted letter A made of skin and be transported to an educational experience, but upon reading that it is not a letter but a gun I could not as my church secretary of a mother who is happily married to my retired high school science teacher of a father taught me to never use guns, no matter what the fuck they are made of.

Sir Paul McCartney said...

Happiness is a warm gun.

the mostly reverend said...

you can nuke this little puppy for about 30 seconds, medium high, get some bbq sauce, and make a meal of it.

great for training rides, too, as it looks frighteningly realistic from a passing car.

available in vegan, too, for you hippie gun lovers, sir paul. yummy AND low fat!

we're working on an automatic version for the sporting crowd, and a small, derringer model for housewives. they slip right in most handbags, and their easy-open packages allow you to hide one or two under your goose down pillows, perfect for late night snacking!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mostly Reverend,
Is carrying a white-skinned 'hand'gun a hate crime against blacks?
Does the 10th Amendment allow for federal hate crime legislation anyway? Does covering a gun in skin make the 2nd Amendment also covered by the 1st Amendment? Does my gun now enjoy a right to habeus corpus? Oh yeah, none of us have that anymore anyway.