Friday, June 01, 2007

it was 40 years ago today

sgt. pepper taught the band to play
many albums played significant roles in my development,
musically, emotionally, politically and so forth.
. . . . .
none has played a greater role than this classic.
you should buy it, and wear it out listening to it.
. . . . .
some things are better on vinyl.
thanks, john, paul, george and ringo.


Frank Brigandi said...

+1 great post Rev. I earned an allowance as a boy learning 1 beatles song per week. I miss george. When he died I wrote a song called a little bit more and recently posted it to my myspace but I have to cut the vocal tracks and bass track as soon as my allergies back off a little....

Anonymous said...

Mostly Reverend,
Can you pick out Aleister Crowley on the cover? What a nice guy.