Sunday, August 05, 2007

a gift for my mistress

count the crocs in this photo,
taken recently at a child's birthday party.
NOTE: the feet shown in this photo do NOT belong
to the guests of the party in question.
geezuz, you think my family is CRAZY?
. . .
NOTE: a study and recent report indicated that
fatness might be contagious.
are crocs?
is there a known cure, or antidote?


Mistress Julie said...

From what I've seen, I think crocs are synonymous with being overweight... I'm afraid for the human race.

Matthew Pavlovich said...

I don't know, but a vegan in oregon told me that you could eat them for nurishment if you were trapped in the woods. I promptly punched her in her vegan oravies.


the mostly reverend said...

do vegans have ovaries?
oh, you punched her in her "oravies."
[these must be specialized darwinian adaptations to surviving and reproducing while being protein-deficient.]
THAT must have hurt, no matter where they are.