Monday, August 27, 2007

off-season hi-jinks

mark my word, kiddies,
you'll be playing & loving this sport sooner than
the u.s. sees another president bush!
i recently mentioned doing this with the women this fall.
. . . . . improving your bike handling skills on the grass at low speed,
and carry a big stick, too.
. . . . .

you can wear matching kits, too, and have real games.

. . . . .

you'll want to watch this.

more information and polo porn:

american association site

collection of sites and photos, not all working

a bit of bike polo history

only source on the web owned by

a three-time winner of the World Championship"

league-forming information will follow in this space.

look for the return of the dead bikemen polo jersey.

this is gonna be bigger than roller derby!!


Pete Basso said...

Let me get this straight, I get to ride my bike while swinging an oversized hammer as YOU ride straight at ME??? Ohhhh myyyy gosh, I'M IN!!!

Isn't this the game where my size and brute force play a positive?

the mostly reverend said...

this is a game where people either:
1--learn how to avoid crashing, or
2--learn how to crash.

Squirrel said...

I'm in....Hanser already has a set of homemade mallets:) Lets get it on biatches!