Wednesday, August 15, 2007

the fair: it's more than just candidates

a photo essay
i went to the iowa state fair sunday with nyla and her dad.
i had some terrifying midway experiences.

showing her college readiness at an early age, nyla demonstrates her ability to eat pizza for breakfast, while dwight keeps a ready eye on what we had previously indentified as a potentially dangerous situation involving over-exposure of flesh to the harsh elements of the day.

i hadn't ridden a roller coaster since the early 60s. this train of death tried but failed to trigger the p.t.s.d. that i developed during the acid wars of the late 60s, owing to a strong faith and years of worship at the church of the two-wheeled scam. reverend, heal thyself, eh?

i'm certain this is one of the youngest mulletts i've ever seen. he was in a family of three such baby mulls.

nyla, posing with the second-largest pig at the fair, although she confided later that she thought the woman sitting next to her while she was eating breakfast earlier was at least as large, and clearly more interesting. lesson learned here: you don't have to be the largest to be able to lay about in urine-soaked sand with a steel fence around you and have thousands of people gawking at you on a sweltering summer day.

we ran into some people hell-bent on shaking my hand. my security was good, but this guy suceeded in touching me.

i'm going back later this week. i have to, as i bought several advance discount-priced tickets. contact me, if you'd like to come along--on bikes.


Mistress Julie said...

that little grand daughter of yours is absolutely adorable. i love the pic of you two.

nice straw hat kim. you'll wear straw, but no bike helmet.

ha ha ha ha ha! i still love you anyway.

the mostly reverend said...

but it's kelvlar-reinforced, mistress, with an indestructible leather band, too.
that's no ordinary straw hat, ma'am.