Saturday, August 18, 2007

what would YOU say?

you'll have to speak up; i have a tongue in my ear.

. . . . .
okay, wise guy: what would YOU say?
give me a caption.
i've been told by the dog's owner, this is not shopped.


Anonymous said...

Racing with the Burnett brothers?
Now that is a line straight from "Sling Bade" as I recall . I believe the youngster that Billy Bob Thornton's character ( Carl Childers) based on Boo Radley if I am not mistaken, befriends early in the movie. Think the line goes " Me and the Burnett twins."
Could it be that the reverend is a fan of Billy Bob's and there really are Burnett brothers?
Where are those Burnett brothers ?
Ice Biker

the mostly reverend said...

[chuckling, sly smile]
did you know that billy bob once said "I'd like to be the first guy in space to jam with the Allman Brothers"?
how could you not be a fan of that person?
the burnetts lived a block south of us in my home town. there was a school yard between our homes.
big family, by my standards: four kids. bruce, cindy, suzie [one of my first crushes], and howdy.
yes, there were burnett brothers. we took the fenders off our schwinns, or cut, bobbed and curled the rear fenders, removed the chain guards, and began terrorizing the north side of town.
we had drag races, essentially cyclo-cross [involving yards, gardens and fences, alleys and such], criteriums [a 4 corner around the park course] and point to point with lots of gravel [this was the wrong side of town, after all, and on the edge of town--gravel right into the country].

no helmets, no stop signs, no road raging SOBs at the wheel.

bruce burnett is a vietnam vet who was a nurse in the military. howdy is a minister in ohio. i don't think they've raced bikes for a while.