Friday, August 17, 2007

new old stuff

it was, all things considered, a good day yesterday.
i went to ames and had breakfast with my daughter,
and two grandkids, at the grove cafe. unfortunately, dwight had to work.
he missed out on free pancakes.
afterward, we went back to their home, and i took nyla for a bike ride.
she was bummed that i didn't ride my bike with her,
but i told her that she had to demonstrate to me that she could ride
her new bike fast enough to allow me to ride alongside.
she understood, so we did a very quick spin around the block.
i really appreciate her conering abilities on this new raleigh.
she has the whole leaning into the turn thing down.
apparently, my whole thing of pushing her quickly on her first bike,
so she could get the handling down first, is paying off.
i do NOT want her to ride like a triathlete.
i want her to know how to corner, rotate, move around, all that stuff.
surprisingly, or not, she already is working on riding no hands,
and has mastered standing up as she pedals.
i guess she WAS paying attention in the burley.
she used to admonish me to sit down,
whenever i would stand to accelerate.
i told her i had to stand up sometimes to go faster.
while we were gone, addie gave jabari a bath.
i got to hold him after he was dried and dressed,
and no poopy diapers to deal with.
i learned that he prefers being outside.
we were sitting inside, watching last saturday's
busch series road race at the watkins glen,
and he got fussy. took him outside, and he was totally cool.
the kid's gonna LOVE the burley next year.
upon my return home, there was a small box by the front door.
can you identify all the different eras of bike technology in this photo?
there are many!

i love these campy boxes.
this photo is for michael fatka,
and for all the folks who ever rode in the ames area.
in addition to the campy parts boxes,
which were always in abundance at the shop,
this photo also features my old shimano ax 24" front wheel,
that i bought at michael's for my old nishiki funny bike.
the wheel was built for use at the 84 olympics.
good stuff.
oh, the new old stuff:
campy record track hubs, 28 hole, 120 mm spacing rear hub.
to be built with sew-up rims, for a set of race wheels for peggy.
you've read about her.

i have plenty of rims from which to choose.
i still have a supply of what some would call "old school" rims.
i call them "rims."
sun. i got a bunch of them, in 24, 28, and 32 holes.
those hubs are so nice.


Mark Guthart said...

Hey Rev. Sorry I missed you yesterday. I was in town and everything - a rare occurrence you know. I'll try to give you more advance notice next time.

Mark G.

P.S. It's not that jabari doesn't like being inside - he just doesn't like Busch series Nascar. :)

the mostly reverend said...

i took his older sister to the fair again today, and she was pretty excited about seeing the dale earnhart, jr, race car mock-up. even though i pointed out that it had no motor, she STILL wanted to sit in it.
she was very excited about it.
he'll learn to enjoy nascar.
it's all racing. i'll take them to an auto race at the road america course, and then we'll do superweek there sometime.

Anonymous said...

mmmm, old campy hubs, they never die, and if they did the "good" bike shops always had parts to fix em back up. Well, my old '85 circa Nuovo Record rear hub's races were scarred enough that it was tossed; however, the 32 yr old front hub still gets me where ever I need to go. I wonder if the SRAM hubs will see 32yrs of work?